Selling A Home Fast For Cash


Fast property sales are something that have plagued the average homeowner since time begun! When you are in a financial mess, and you need to sell quickly it seems that there are no buyers in sight. When I wanted to sell my house fast I used the assistance of a modern quick sale agency, who by all means were not perfect. However, they offered me a fair price for my home and I managed to sell in a matter of weeks using Property Buyer.

It's not for everyone, and most people are better suited to the open market. I have helped homeowners across the UK to sell their homes quickly using the open market and quick sale agencies. Whether you need to sell in 1 month or 1 day I can assist you in the process.

This site is not commercial and I am not here to make any money from advising you, however if you find that I do offer you some assistance I would really like to hear from you.

Advertising Your Home For Sale


Traditionally the only place you could advertise your home for sale was in the shop window of your local estate agents. Today the internet has taken over, and with the major sites like Rightmove, Zoopla and newly formed more buyers are turning their attention online when it comes to finding a property to buy.

If you need a quick house sale, the open market is always the place to start. With a competitive price, good photography and a good estate agent you should be able to sell in no time.

When choosing an estate agent make sure to choose one that offers multiple advertising streams.

The Importance Of Photography In Property Sales


Property sales rely on photography and having good photographs will make all the difference to your quick house sale. Choose an experienced and professional photographer even if it ends up costing a little more than you would like. Remember the best photos to get are ones of your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Make sure to include your kitchen worktops if they are Quartz Granite, or a nice wide angle shot often does the trick.